Technicians (for A/V option)

Kitty monitoring made easy...and fun!

Why go for this option...

Safety, affordability, and fun!

Do you ever have to leave your cat at home alone when he or she is older, sick, or injured, or when it's an especially hot day, or when someone is coming to the house when you can't be there? Are you concerned about how they are getting along, perhaps in the process of introducing a new pet into your family?

Is your greatest fear (along with ours) of them being trapped indoors if there is a fire or a break-in? Having the ability to check on them from your phone or computer any time you want is profoundly reassuring and potentially life-saving.

It's affordable!
Thanks to all the new technology, for what it is, setting up audio-visual monitoring for your home or business is no longer very expensive. Furthermore, we have partnered with the relevant companies to offer these devices at significantly reduced cost!

And now for the purrrely fun aspects...

Keeping you connected and engaged with your cats, keeping them active.
Do you ever just wonder what they are up to, if it's true that they know when you are coming home? Does it give you joy and a sense of peace to see them resting in your favorite chair or playing?

Features such as a speaker for you to speak to as well as listen to your cats are included. Additional options are a remote-controlled laser-toy, and coming soon, a remote controlled treat-dispenser! More is sure to come, and we'll keep you up to date about what's available and how to integrate it.

Potential fame!
Keeping in mind that you can easily maintain your privacy by turning the cameras off when you are home and that you can make video clip highlights of your kitties playing, you can share videos and stream "purrformances" of your cats playing on their own or with you.
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