Our Story

Our Story...

Arlo was climbing the walls before I put up the first shelf. Inherently alpha, athletic, and ADHD, this boy needed square footage, variety, and challenges beyond a scratching post in each room. Giving him up was a looming possibility. They say crisis is opportunity and necessity is the mother of invention. Well, thanks to Arlo, I created my first catscape which blossomed into Catscapes.com.
Indeed, Arlo is much less anxious and difficult to live with now, but surprising to me was his aloof and timid older sister's response. Annabelle immediately familiarized herself with each new shelf as they went up, and she quickly found and claimed her favorite spots. Having lived her whole life indoors and without a catscape up 'til that point, I assumed she wouldn't have the strength and agility to fully utilize the catscape, especially the sisal pole. However, after watching the boys float up the pole and around the room for a couple of weeks, I watched in delight - and managed to capture the moment of her first ascent! Since then, Annabelle is more energetic, interactive with her brothers, confident, happy, relaxed, and affectionate. 

Seeing the cats soothed and brought to life in various ways by their catscape, not to mention the joy it gave me to create and give them this feline utopia, it seemed only natural to offer this opportunity to others who love their cats as unique individuals, each requiring their own way of being nurtured and celebrated.

I look forward to getting to know you and your cats, and to working together to create a catscape that honors your space and works optimally for all of the living creatures in your home or business.

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