Your membership is critical to our efforts!

Membership benefits: 
  • Access to all available live-streaming of cats ("cat-streams") enjoying their catscapes.
  • Any discounts to relevant products and services whenever possible. (We're working on these!)
  • Opportunities to share your cat-streams, pictures, and videos, cat-stories, and cat-conversations. (Also in development.)
  • Phenomenal cat-karma; We donate a portion of each membership to organizations that neuter and spay cats at low and no-cost. Another portion of each membership is divided among the folks who stream their catscapes through our website. The rest keeps Catscapes going and growing. Thank you!
We're in the process of setting up the membership option. Please contact us if you would like to be notified as soon as this option becomes available or if you would like to contribute to our efforts at this early stage.
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