Design-Build process overview

Overview of the catscape-creating process

Step 1: Contact us
The process begins with you contacting Catscapes to let us know a little about you, your cats, and any ideas you might already have for the catscape.
If within 90-minutes of Berkeley, California by car or within your budget for me to fly to you, we will come to the location where the catscape is to be created. There, we will be able to discuss ideas for your catscape in more detail. We can help you realize a specific vision of your own, or you can leave the design completely up to us, and anything in-between.

If it's impractical for us to come to your location, we can gather what we need to know by phone and online.

Either way, over the course of one or two meetings/conversations, we will get to know your cats, you, and the space sufficiently to create a design that takes all of these factors into consideration. Once a design has been proposed to you, you are invited to revise and refine the design with us.

If you would like custom shelves or furniture made for your catscape, We will coordinate the specifications of that or those piece/s with our furniture-making team. If a significant number of custom pieces will be required or the entire catscape is going to be custom built, the furniture-making team may be a part of the meeting/s in order to have a first-hand sense of what is required.

Should you want a mural to enhance your catscape, the muralist may be a part of the meeting/s as well. Being acquainted with everyone and the area that will be his or her canvas is ideal.

Step 3: Ordering, manufacturing, preparation, production, delivery
When everyone is comfortable and pleased with the design, we will order the items and materials using any and all discounts available to Catscapes. Everything will be sent to your location directly unless you prefer that materials be sent to us and delivered all at once when we come to install them (incurs additional storage and delivery costs). Meanwhile, the furniture-making team will commence construction of any/all custom pieces, and the muralist will set to work painting the desired area/s, if one is being commissioned.

Once all of the pieces have arrived and the mural is complete if you are having one painted, you can assemble and install everything yourself following the design, or Catscapes will assemble and install the catscape for you. An advantage of having a Catscapes builder assemble and install your catscape is that he or she is already familiar with the team, the project, and the individual pieces themselves. This can yield a cleaner and more efficient final result. We will touch-up the walls as needed once everything is installed.

A penultimate option is to integrate audio/visual monitoring of the cats for safety and enjoyment purposes. This is much easier and less expensive than you might think and adds a whole dimension of fun. Once again, this is something that you can do on your own or have Catscapes set up and show you how to do. We have partnered with the relevant companies to offer discounted pricing on the devices themselves.

Voila! You now have a catscape!

Bonus Step: Feline Photography
What better finishing touch than to have portraits and action photos of your cats basking and flying around their catscape? And who better to capture these angles and perspectives than the people who designed the environment upon which your cats are sleeping and playing? Find out more or contact us if you would like to take advantage of this option.
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