Consultation - Design

Consultation & Design

The design process begins with us getting to know you, your cats, and the environment you want to have improved for your cats. We will consider everything from how you use the space to how your cats move and interact, while also noting the technical challenges and aspects of the room/s.

The process is as collaborative as you want it to be. We can help you realize a specific vision of your own or come up with the whole concept for you, and anything in between.

After becoming acquainted with the people, cats, and spaces, We will draft a plan for you to review. Once you are satisfied with the plan, unless you prefer to order the pieces yourself, Catscapes will order all of the necessary pieces using any and all discounts available to us.

The pieces will be shipped to your location from the vendors and makers directly. Alternatively, the pieces can be sent to Catscapes and then brought to you by us all at once when come to install them.
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